What Are The Benefits Of Thyme?

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    What are the benefits of thyme? Here is the miracle that prevents kidney disease. Did you know that the herbs with their refreshing smell and exquisite taste have amazing benefits to human health with thyme's crowns? So what are the benefits of thyme? We have searched for your information about the miracle plant that prevents kidney disease. Everything about thyme tea and its benefits can be found in the news. With more than one variety in nature, thyme has many benefits to our body.

    Thyme in honey production of bees, thyme is one of the most effective plants used to strengthen the immune system. With its unique odor, the essential oil is obtained from the leaves of the oregano plant that grows in the fields and meadows.

    At the same time, the leaves are dried and made from tea. Thyme herb used for centuries is more preferred in meat dishes. The reason is that it tastes a taste with its own taste. Medicinal oils used in medical treatment in Asia and North Africa provide an incredible benefit to human health thanks to the antiseptic properties of essential oils. It contains ingredients such as thyme, zeaxanthin, lutein, apigenin, naringenin and luteolin. In addition, the B complex is rich in K, C vitamins and folic acid. There are more than 350 thyme varieties in nature.


    Oil and carbonated foods in the stomach caused by gas and bloating is a direct benefit. Due to its antibacterial properties, it removes the free radicals from the body by the urinary tract. The esophagus prevents the accumulation of toxins in the stomach and intestines.

    To reduce toxins in the stomach and esophagus, experts recommend that you drink a cup of thyme tea every day, and that tea also prevents bad breath.

    Balances the amount of fluid in the kidneys and removes harmful bacteria from the urine. Thus, it reduces the formation of sand and stone.

    It is very effective in deep cleansing skin thanks to its antibacterial feature. Eliminates the bacteria in the skin to tighten the skin. It also removes stains and provides shine to the skin.

    Separation of the muscles in which the athletes frequently experience muscular pain, and the decomposing compounds prevent the muscles from tightening or tightening and support the body to move more comfortably. In addition, the blood in the platelet cells balancing by preventing the formation of inflammation and edema. Vitamin K contains also supports the growth of bones.

    In the studies, it was observed that dopamine and serotine in the thyme brain added to a cup of thyme tea or a bowl of chicken broth a day increased the level of happiness hormones. Experts emphasize that people who are susceptible to depression or stress are an important plant that should be consumed.

    Any deformation in the scalp causes hair loss and wear. Vitamins and minerals in hair also increase the severity of such health problems. However, during the last rinse of the bath, thyme juice is poured into the hair and this situation decreases. Thanks to the antiseptic properties of thyme, it calms the scalp and increases the vitamins in the cells.


    It should be consumed to alleviate sore throat, which is caused by infection or upper respiratory tract diseases, which are frequently experienced in seasonal transition. Thyme tea to be effective in these diseases two tablespoons thyme 3 cups of water, a garlic clove and 6 drops of lemon thoroughly mixed and consume 10 minutes.
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